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Your Choice Products

Get Any Products of Your Choice As You Like and As Your need Salt To Gold In Multiply Of   200/-Every 200/- Product Get 1 KharchaTree And 1 Refund Point

Sukamai Choice Products

Get Any Sukamai Choice UseFull Products Multiply Of 404/- and Get 1 MoneyTree And  545100/- +  Start Your Guaranted Auto Income Per Product

Petro Point Products..

Get Any Petro Point Products Multiply Of 50/- and Get    1 Petro Point   Auto Refund Your Every Generated 50 Petro Points Againts 50 Refund Points Total 489.50 Net Cash Guaranted Refund.

Petro Card

Buy Your BarBar SolSol Sukamai Petro Card in 404/- and get more benefits in Fule with IndianOil Petro Card over in india and Get 4 MoneyTree And Start Your Guaranted Auto Income of 2180400/- +

Get 1212 Receipt & Sukamai Unique ID Card

Pay Only 3012/- and get 3000/- Food Gift Voucher / Gold / Sukamai Choice Product (Any One) And Get 26 Petro Points & 15 Kahrcha Tree & Collect Your 1212/- Yearly Sukamai Receipt And Your BarBar SolSol Sukamai Unique Photo ID Card. With 4 MoneyTree And Start Your Guaranted Auto Income of 2180400/-+

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